Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Little Art Everyday

Like most people who enjoy art, I get the urge to create something almost every day.  However, many days I push aside that urge because I feel too rushed, too tired etc. to create my idea of how a final work should look.  I'm taking a cue from so many people in social media who encourage people not to worry about the final outcome but to create without regard to the final result.  So today I pulled out some watercolor pencils and one of those water brushes (I forgot what they're called but the nature of their in-preciseness makes them an ideal choice for a loose watercolor painting).

I got slightly distracted during the sketching when I spotted these two outside and had to run and take a snapshot:
Have a good day; thanks for stopping by.  :0)

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  1. Hi,
    Cool artwork, You are invited to share your work with my new meme, Feline Art Friday, It doesn't have to be feline related:

  2. hi ann. thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!! holy moly! this watercolor is absolutely gorgeous. i love the colors and i like that it's a simple picture.
    can't beat deer in your yard either. we see more off the fields in town than i do in my yard. lots of cats tho - LOL.

    hugs :)

  3. beautiful and look at those deers..lucky you

  4. your water colour sketch looks really lovely

  5. Oh my, Ann, I wish my throwing something together would look that good!!! Love it and your friends too! TFS